Model Behavior at Dreamlite Production Studios

Modeling, Makeup and More

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Since I was sixteen, I’ve been asked about modeling.  I imagined one day I would but life took me into another direction. There’s some amazing opportunities that have come my way that I’m so grateful for. To be doing what I love at this time last in my life is everything.

Here’s a look at a recent photoshoot with the talented Alton Cooper at Dreamlite Productions Studio.

Model Photo Shoot at Dreamlite Production Studio

TASTY’S, It’s Like Mardi Gras In Your Mouth!

My Take On TASTY’S

Have you heard?! TASTY’S has the best food in town and they DELIVER! Great food, great service and new customers can enjoy a great discount on 1st time orders!!


Adam Ross & Angela Bowman

This dynamic DUO is doing beautiful things in the city of Houston.  Known for their carefully crafted Cajun Cuisine and top notch catering, Tasty’s has become a household name.



What makes Tasty’s a great company is their ability to give back their community and the surrounding areas of Houston by providing leftovers to the homeless or in need.

Houston Young Professionals Hangout

Having experienced Tasty’s friendly and courteous service, I couldn’t help but share with friends and family! Almost taking in a half pan of sweet cornbread and Cajun Tilapia, my take on Tasty’s is like Mardi Gras In Your Mouth!

Use my code “TASTYTASTY” when ordering for the 1st time and enjoy a special discount!💥

Thanks to The Spicy Pineapple, I’m Smitten by Snickerdoodles!


While in NYC this summer, our friends from The Spicy Pineapple introduced us to one of the best desserts ever! I’m still drooling over it today.

Snickerdoodle Cake w/Butter Maple Glaze & Pecans!!image Straight out of the cozy kitchen of Janette and Shawn Rawls, we enjoyed tasty fish tacos and this delicious homemade dessert. I swear it only took her about 2 seconds to make! I was completely impressed. We devoured every bit of that cake paired with a scoop of coconut ice cream. Truly a warm welcome and the best company.

I love the simplicity and healthy choices prepared by Janette. Making it seem so effortless and relatable, I believe I can recreate some of these fantastic dishes at home!

Follow Janette and enjoy this delicious recipe and more at



Founder of The Spicy Pineapple, Janette Rawls is a cancer survivor, a professional dancer/teacher who’s experimenting in the kitchen with her husband Shawn in Newark, NJ.


Safer Make-Up? MUA Guru, Sonia Thomas explains.


 What’s your interest? Are you like every woman who enjoys spoiling herself with beauty and skincare?

I am. Once upon a time in my life, I couldn’t apply enough makeup. It was my daily mask and definitely an addiction. As if getting older wasn’t hard enough, I soon realized that makeup wasn’t the solution to flawless skin. My face needed an intervention and that intervention was good skincare or as I thought any moisturizer would do. Wrong! For years I tried dozens of moisturizers and my skin took a toll. From rashes to break outs and hello hormones, my skin couldn’t catch a break.

As I continued my search for simple, natural and fragrance free skincare I was introduced to Beauty Counter by my friend and now mentor Melissa. Of course I wasn’t sold at first because I had done some research myself about how natural so called products weren’t so natural after all. Greenwashing is a very common in the industry when a company uses words such as “safe” “organic” or “natural” to advertise their product when there are actually ingredients used that are not considered safe.

After a whole month of conversations and attending an amazing consultant social, I was sold on the mission to get safer products into everyone’s hands. I ordered my skincare, a couple of color pieces. I was shocked and impressed with my new routine. Having sensitive, hormonal, combination skin it’s been a tough battle but I can truly testify that my skin is much happier than it’s ever been.

Want more safe beauty fun Facts?

Did I mention that it’s safe and non-toxic? That’s right! Beauty Counter has banned more than 1,500 ingredients that can cause serious health issues such as asthma, disabilities, cancer and infertility.

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today that don’t have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used in the skin care and beauty industry.
Only about 10% of the 10,000 chemicals commonly found in personal care products have safety data.
The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938.

We deserve better, and we’re doing
something about it.





Sonia Thomas is no stranger to the beauty industry. Building over 5 million in volume for Tom Ford Beauty, Lancome and with 15 years of experience, Sonia continues to thrive passionately. Her present mission is to educate and empower about safer products encouraging other women to jump on board.

How can you join the movement? Drop a comment or question for Sonia. At


Summer Jazz Festival, NOLA style!



French Quarter Festival celebrates its 16th Annual Satchmo SummerFest, August 5-7, 2016 and is the largest, free music festival in the South! Expecting over 760,000 people in attendance, visitors from as many as 12 countries have attended. Some of the top Countries include Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, France, and Germany.

New Orleans great restaurants, create the food and beverage offerings know as “The World’s Largest Jazz Brunch” in Jackson Square, the Louisiana State Museum’s Old U.S. Mint and Woldenberg Riverfront Park during festival weekend; Satchmo SummerFest hosts New Orleans restaurants, known as “Red Bean Alley”, with Louis Armstrong-inspired dishes and great local cuisine.

 FQF employs only local companies during the Festival (sanitation, stages, sound, security, etc.). All money spent to produce the festival stays within the local economy.

Make sure you use #SatchmoSummerFest if you attend this amazing festival! Grab this signed poster, designed by Artist Terry Marks Sr., online at!

1920’s Charleston Dance lessons and so much more! Check out the full schedule!

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Buying Black!? There’s A Market For That!



Black Shops Matter! Good Food and Family too!

My first Buy Black Market as a vendor at Shrine of The Black Madonna, was like rolling up on hidden treasures!! Suzie’s In Style Catering brought delicious food including vegetarian options. I’ve become seriously hooked on their organic carrot cake!

image    image    image

Photos courtesy of

We met a couple of herbalist who offered wonderful herbal teas. I decided on three choices. The Happy Hippie has become our favorite bed time ritual!☕️ You can fine them and more on their Facebook or IG @HerbnRoots 🌱


We got a chance to EXCHANGE, sell and style patrons looking for vintage and stylish clothing. All of the vendors had great merchandise  so we definitely supported!

The connections were amazing and we are officially a part of the Buy Black family!

Get ready for the next event happening tomorrow at

There’s so much more going on so Click the link below.


Debuting Self-Love In A Major Way, Houston is in for a youthful makeover.


TEENLITE INC. Making Moves and Settling In Houston!!


Teenlite Inc. an emerging non-profit organization breaking new ground in Houston, Texas! Serving as an empowerment center for Teenage girls and young women, they’ve created a non judgmental environment used to build self-esteem, and restore the soul back to its loving self.

“At Teenlite, we help you identify your specific self hate behaviors, and focus on the healing process to meet a self-loving RESULT,” says Founder Marie Abega.

This strategic healing process is formulated specially just for the individuals and will walk them trough a divine healing! Truly unlocking the heart and giving you keys to freedom.

Freedom to be you, at your higher self, loving and embracing every part of who you are.

Many of our coaches at Teenlite Inc. have gone through the healing process which has resulted in them achieving Self-Love. By loving themselves fully, they will be able to meet the youth where they are and help from experience.


Marie Abega is a dynamic 29 year old born in Cameroon, West Africa. She is the mother of two beautiful girls. She is an Entrepreneur, Owner of MCA Enterprise LLC, Founder and President of Teenlite Inc., Black Belt Speaker, Author, and Transformational Coach. After many failed relationships and disappointments, Marie decided to turn to herself to acquire the happiness she always felt she deserved. Join her as she reveals the secrets to freedom, happiness, joy she found in her self Love Journey. She dedicates her time to teaching self Love to Children, youth and adults alike.

A copy of her book “I am Beautiful Inside Out,” can be purchased on Amazon.


“Set the intention to love yourself and by doing so, purposely and consciously set the stage to change.” ~ Marie Abega


Catching Up With Kia Renee!

Houston We Have A Host!!

The Houston’s Young Professional networking event is where I first met the natural-born socialite, Kia Renee! TV Personality and host of The Session TV Show, Kia answered questions and didn’t mind taking a few quick snaps for social media.

When I arrived at JW Salon,  Kia appeared with a fresh face and inviting smile.  Wearing a tank, wide legged jeans and yellow platform shoes, we noticed how fashionably similar we were dressed! This called for a couple of shoe pics and selfies before we got into details about The Houston Caribbean Queen Pageant!


Kia shared her excitement for the participants after learning special details about each one of them. With script in hand, she emerged herself into their unique cultures, preparing questions for them to answer.  Introducing participants from St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago to name a few.


While discussing categories and gowns for the event, Kia gave me an exclusive sneak peek on the one she chose.  Intrigued by her dazzling description, I couldn’t wait to see her later that evening! It was time to make her way to the bowl (you know the one), and let Ms. Williams create an up-do to complete Kia’s look for the pageant.


We wrapped up the interview with wonderful tips from Joy Williams on healthy hair and scalp treatment, well wishes for Kia on the event and before I left the salon I scheduled my appointment with Joy for my first silk press!

Follow Kia Renee for all the hottest events happening in Houston and her latest adventures.

Facebook Kia Renee | IG  @_iamkiarenee | Twitter @kiarenee89

Sunday, Jul. 10, 12pm and 7pm MATCH – Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston

Monarch Worldwide Entertainment  

Simmer Down at Piney Shores

Loo king for some fun in the sun.

This year we took a little hour ride to The Piney Shores Resort in Conroe Tx. There was several pools, golf, horseback riding, an arcade, quiet trails and tennis courts.


We slept comfortably on the property and enjoyed the home away from home amenities. Being able to cook in your own space is very important to us.


The trees and the lake made it hard to turn down a morning run and reflections. Everyone else had plans, so it worked out great for me.  The Holiday Inn Club took care of us and their hospitality speaks volumes!

Even though it was nothing grand about the trip or near as exotic as an island, it was a quick and cozy mini vacation with the while family.


If your not headed to Conroe then there are plenty of choices in the surrounding areas in Texas. Here are a few ideas!








What are some mini summer vacay trips you’ve taken with the whole family?

Houston Young Professionals Hangout

We had an amazing time with some of the top Entrepreneurs at the Houston Young Professionals Hangout!💫


Houston Young Professionals Hangout

We sampled – Tasty’s, Way To Your Heart Bakery and received a lesson on wine from VaaS Wine Clazz .The beautiful host of The Session, Kia Renee made an appearance at the luxury 5755 Hermann Park !


Thrilled to have met talented business minded people who are doing some great things in the city. For updates, follow Monarch Worldwide Entertainment for the next event.