10 Makeup Looks Men Don't Find Attractive

10 Makeup Looks Men Don’t Find Attractive

We all hear the things that MEN say about Makeup. It makes us look fake. It’s not natural.  And the infamous question:

“Why you have to do all that?”

Of course, they don’t understand that as makeup connoisseurs, a bomb ass highlight and contour is like giving life to a test tube baby. I’ve observed that most men don’t actually hate makeup, they just dislike the common amateur mistakes that most of us tend to make.

Curious about what is it exactly, that guys don’t find attractive about makeup—I asked my husbands friends and got the same old answers.

I took this discussion to all my socials , and the conversation got LIT. These guys let me know how they really felt.

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
Yves Saint-Laurent

*In No Particular Order*


If we did a poll on what annoys guys the most about make-up, this would be the WINNER. When applying our favorite full coverage foundation, there’s a possibility we could over do it. Just a little bit. Unless your puddin’ is super blunt, he won’t say a thing.

Probably just stare.

Now how awkward is that?



Ok babes. By far, this is one of the most common mishaps when applying foundation. YES! you have to blend down that NECK. Your makeup cannot look like you just walked out of that movie “THE MASK.” Don’t be that girl/guy that everyone secretly whispers about.



Now contouring is tricky. It started with cheekbones and foreheads then the trend evolved to other body parts. Lacking definition in your legs? Contour them! Don’t have great abs? Contour them! Want bigger Boobies? Contour them. Everything is ALL-GRAVY until bae gets a taste of that LA Girl HD Pro Concealer.


This goes two ways. It’s either your brows are too dark, deep, and maybe even squarish or just flat-out nonexistent because you let Nina at your local nail salon over wax/tweeze your brows and now you’re stuck looking like you belong in a 90’s teen movie.



This is not the year 2004, when not blending your eye shadow was some what OK. There is a science to this, and its called color theory. Know how to match and blend your shadows.  Furthermore when in doubt, less is more.



There is a such thing as way too much. What guy wants to stare deep into your eyes when he is distracted by the grungy eyeliner that running into your crows feet. Or in the case of winged eyeliner, if you have more wing than eyelid.


RIP to the talented legend Amy Winehouse but when she passed away so did this trend. And let’s be honest, what works for some doesn’t work for all.

(If you’re a professional and you know what to use and how to achieve these looks effortlessly.This doesn’t apply to you.)



It’s simple, if you get flashback from a selfie and you look like the GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST. It’s a No-No. Rethink your concealer color and finishing powder. Try it again, and again, until you get it right.




This is not the 80’s. Too much blush will run your soul-mate away.



Guys want to admire our features. If he can see more LASH than EYE. He doesn’t like it.




We’re human, our skin goes through changes and honestly …who was born perfect?  We get pimples and blemishes, it’s no way around it. AND MEN KNOW THIS! Therefore using a fine point liquid eyeliner to make small beauty moles/freckles on top of them only makes it look worst. Your boo will notice, and he may hit you with— “Hey babe, you got a lil something on your cheek,” but clueless to what you were trying to carry out.


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