Beauty Basics w/ Nealette Douglas


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Well, that’s what they say. At FashEx, we like to spotlight all ideas of beauty. Along with the products that keeps our “interviewee” looking fabulous and youthful.

This week I chose Fash Ex 3000 Founder and good friend, Nealette Douglas to spill the tea on her beauty tips & secrets. Although she doesn’t consider herself a stylist because her niche is social media managing, Nealette steps out snatched from head to toe. I’ll never tell her age, just know she putting girls in their twenties to shame. “No shade.”






N.N. : You’re quite the fashionista, what inspires your style?

N.D. : Haha, Thank you. I never looked at it that way—A fashionista.  I always dressed up at young age. We lived in the country and created our own entertainment. My family is every close. We literally threw parties for any and every damn thing. If one too many families showed up at my maw maw’s house, on any given Sunday—instant party.

My cousins and I would dress up, create hairstyles, make up choreography and recorded “hella” videos.
Somewhere at my maw maw’s house, there’s lost files (VHS tapes) of fashion shows we put together, performances of us singing EnVouge and Xscape. We even survived talent shows wearing bright colored tutu’s with tights and a sports bra!

I love everything about those times in my life. I guess you can say my mood plays a part too. Sometimes I’m not sure what I will wear to an event. I buy pieces I love instead of a complete outfit. I usually don’t lay things out and to figure out what matches with what. Luckily, when i chose “the outfit”, it just works out. I have to feel confident in what I’m  wearing at that moment, it gives me the assurance that I made a great choice in picking out what works for me.

(New York Fashion Week)

“This is my foundation. Inspired by my surroundings, the creative people in my life, and the seasons.”        

   -Nealette Douglas


N.N. : What is your definition of beauty?

N.D. : Physical attributions that define beauty to me is simple as a small mole on someone’s lip (preferably mine). LoL.

Seriously, my definition of beauty (in my humble opinion) is connecting with other human beings beyond any superficial barriers. One that surpasses ethnicity, class, and worldly differences. I’m very sensitive to energies. I’m looking pass your face and trying to see if there’s more. It’s a beautiful thing to experience. It’s a vibe.


N.N. : What is your secret to looking so young?

N.D. : Ok, So if you made it out to my birthday party last year —you’d know that I’m a vampire. That’s all.

N.N. : By far, what is your favorite skin care product?

N.D. : Girl. My favorite skin care product would have to be the Deep Sea Mud Pac from 7th Heaven that you can find at your nearest Kroger for $1-2!


N.N. : What’s your regiment?

N.D. : Barely! A regiment! I try very hard some weekends not to fall asleep with my makeup on. If I’ve had one too many glasses of champagne (just find it the easiest to drink nowadays) by the end of the night I’m trying to bury my face in my pillow not over my sink.

However, I’ve invested in a few skincare products that I use regularly. I swear by these two things that cost minimal dollars: Drinking water before I go to bed, as soon as I wake up, and heavily on the aftermath of a champagne session. Secondly, sweating out toxins works best for my skin. I’m good for planking, crunching, mountain climbing and stretching in the sauna! Yep.

Tip From Nealette: You should wash your face before and shortly after you work out, because that shit will not be effective if you chill in your sweat and it drys up on ya face.

N.N. : You’re always in the mix, on the Houston Fashion scene. Typically how do you glam up for events?

Fortunately, being the Social Media Director and member of the hottest social club nationwide —Social Graces Social Club, we get awesome perks from many businesses and which includes discounted services from Blo Blow Dry Bar, where I can get my natural curls washed, blown and straightened to perfection!
Other times I rock my natural fro in many styles requiring nothing but coconut oil, water and a spray bottle!

Nayla, I call you up to do my makeup so I step out looking and feeling like I’m untouchable. You know I’m about the natural look and you’re knowledgeable about your craft and I trust you to get me right. RBF!

I pop into Ritz Nails on Hwy 6 and Bissonett during the week when no one is there. No waiting and no crowd. My nail technician hums beautiful melodies while she’s working on my shit. Always puts me in a great mood.


N.N. : Thank you girl , thank you ;)! Name 3 beauty products you carry with you everywhere you go?

N.D. : I’m in love with Rihanna. There …it’s out! No secret that her makeup line is killing the game. I’m now obsessed with Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. Carry it with me every where I go.
Also in tow, Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara and Burt’s Bees Almond Milk hand creme.

“By being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.”
Christian Dior

N.N. : What’s your favorite cosmetic brand?

N.D. : I would have to say Dior. I haven’t tried a great deal of products but it only took one time for the sales rep at the Dior counter to provide me with a consultation. She did my makeup and I was instantly hooked on Dior Nude Air. It was light and smooth. Didn’t appear that I had on tons of makeup. I like that. So I stuck with it.


N.N. : Everyday makeup routine?

N.D. : Clean face, Dr. Nikko Day 1 serum, Dior “Nude” foundation, mascara, Spruce up the brows, Fenty Bomb gloss and I’m out.


N.N. : Your “guilty” beauty pleasure “?

N.D. : Red lip stick and super dark gothic hues.


N.N.: What beauty advice would you give “Nealette “10 years ago?

N.D. : It’s ok to experiment and try new things. Buy more makeup to experiment with. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get advice from makeup gurus on questions you may have. —This coming from someone who started using makeup later in the game.


N.N. : If you had to choose one word that sums up your beauty style, what would it be?

N.D. : Natural.


(Photo By: Doogie Roux)


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