What's the best Kanye West Album?

What’s the best Kanye West Album?

I’m still highly lifted from the concert this week. The experience was mad real! The Evolution of Kanye West to Yeezy has put him into a space above it all. The inspiration comes from Yeezy inviting you up so “before for the day you die; you can touch the sky.”

The anticipation, the lateness, an ominous sound surrounds the arena as we await his greatness in a haze of fog.

I gotta testify, Yeezy came into the spot lookin’ extra fly. Literally levitating above the crowd like an alien on a spacecraft, Kanye appeared on the platform and went hard for about two and a half hours. Covering number ones and hits from his eight studio album, The Life of Pablo. The crowd was lit! The pit was crazy hype, and everyone in the arena showed up to experience Kanye.

image (Photo cred: @dylanjamesrichards)

Everyone always talking about “Kanye this, or Kanye that.”  I don’t understand the misconceptions people have about him. Then again, I can. When it comes down to music, fashion and his lifestyle, one could have a plethora of opinions.

In my opinion, a superficial look into someone’s life, will never give you an idea of who they really are.

One thing that helps clarify, is actually hearing from people who work with the man himself. While at the concert, I took a stroll through the arena, and made my way outside for some air. My cell phone died in the process. My peoples moved around as well, so I asked a couple of guys to use their phone. As I was texting, we got into conversations about the concert. These young guys just so happen to be stylist on the tour! All the way from New Zealand, working with the best in the business and had nothing but great things to say about the artist.

“I didn’t follow him before. The family is so nice. After working with him I see how passionate he is about everything he does.”

After chatting it up I went back inside, without my squad, and snagged a spot closer to the floor. In the midst of the music, the artist spoke words of encouragement. Subtle and powerful. Closing out to “Ultralight Beam” (feat. Chance the Rapper and Kirk Franklin), was everything. I closed my eyes for a second, and when I opened them, Kanye had vanished into the cloud of fog.

Most would call him arrogant, disrespectful, or worse. Personally, I can see that he believes in himself, to the full extent. His creativity, originality, and passion has superseded the college drop out. The evolution of Kanye West got me thinking …. What album would people chose as thier top five.

 Best Kayne West“If you have the opportunity to play this game of life you need to appreciate every moment. A lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed.” -Kanye West


What's the best album Kayne West ever made?