Black Girl Magic

They say the blacker the berry…

The Black Girl Magic Art Show was dope as fuck! That is exactly how I choose to emphasize  all the feels of this event.

Walking into an overcrowded room filled with a beautiful, natural essence that embodies the black girl magic, was seriously ~ truly, everything.

Over stimulated by the curves, the curls and the conversation.  I just wanted someone to touch my hair. 

(Body Essentials by: Raging Naturals)

I could have lived completely that night. The  couple of vendors in the corner that nearly killed my vibe. They were the only white guys in the place showcasing their artwork.

Why on Mother Earth would you be here?

That’s what I was thinking.

It was completely unlike anything displayed. A mash up of gothic goblins and goons. I casually approached their table and found no food for my soul.

I thought I was the only one who took notice until some people expressed their disappointment.

As usual, I have to find the good in this obvious sore thumb. My belief is that they wanted to be in the presence of black girl magic and celebrate the power of the pussy too.

So I kept it moving!

(Body Paint by: Melanin Muse)

Before the night was over we witnessed a special performance by Wazeer. My first time hearing this guy and he added fresh magical feels.

A compilation of songs that lifted and gifted me. Just what I needed to remind me of why I was there.

With songs like “Bad” ~ letting us know how you really feel.

I met some “bad” ones and can’t wait to link up with them to create some magic.

(Wazeer photo by: Doogie Roux)

It’s always amazing to see just how deep we run in these streets of Houston. There are gems lurking in the community. On any given day they may show up and bless you with a little black girl magic.