Finding a Tru-Match in Heaven

Finding a Tru-Match in Heaven

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We all want that perfect lip shade. The lip color that brings out every good feature from hair to eye color. Heck! Make our teeth look like we just got them bleached. Rather it’s poshy or pouty, we all have searched the cosmetic section of a department store for that perfect shade of Red. Ranging from Firecracker Red to OU Crimson Red, you must  know the rules to finding your perfect match. Even though we live in a time where you can literally do anything you want, if you’re looking for a red that compliments you specifically, there are 3 little rules to keep in mind.

Max Factor, sister to Covergirl, introduced the first line of true match lipstick in 1942. Based on hair colors Blonde, Brunette, Brownette and Redhead, Max Factor released 4 shades that catered to almost anyone.

Natural hues of red and rose tones where highly favored around this time, but very hard to come by because there were so many different lipstick companies creating whatever. It wasn’t until Max Factor released “Tru-color Lipstick” that women were smitten with buying exactly what worked for them.

Its funny, but hair color does play a vital role in finding that perfect shade. So we’ll make this Rule #1:

The lighter your hair, the more vibrant your red. The darker your hair, go as dark and deep as you like. Now this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s definitely something to consider.

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Rule 2:

Complexion plays a part (FAIR, MEDIUM, DEEP) but honestly it doesn’t matter. No matter if the red has a true red, blue, or orange undertone; different strokes for different folk. Swatch away and see what works for you.

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Rule 3.

Know what TEXTURE lipstick is for you. The texture of lipstick plays a huge part in whether the shade of RED will be a DO or a DON’T. For instance, if you suffer from chronic dry lips DO NOT purchase an ULTRA matte red lippie. The color may be a match made in Heaven but its total Hell because your lips are drier than the Sahara dessert.

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P.S. don’t aim for a red that is super creamy or glossy, don’t set your self up for the infamous

“Uhhh, You have lipstick on your teeth”.


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