Your heart aching yet? Exclusive: Interview with Jimmy Bolt.

Your heart aching yet? Exclusive: Interview with Jimmy Bolt.

Fashion Exchange 3000 gets the tea on JIMMY BURNER!


Artist, Musician, & Designer. A true master of all trades, Jimmy Bolt is preparing to take Hip Hop by storm.

Jimmy has conquered a way to incorporate his skills in music with his keen eye for fashion by dropping his newest collection “Freska”. In case you haven’t been keeping up, Jimmy is only 19 years old and his designs have already hit the runway for New York Fashion week.

Debuting his latest Mixtape “Heartache” this past November and dropping his new EP soon, I believe Jimmy has created a new wave of Rap & Hip Hop.

With “Heartache” being the epitome of his life story, the young prodigy didn’t skip any steps to perfection. This 18 song masterpiece will put you in a trans of Euphoria, I honestly forgot I was listening to a mixtape. So many topics, but what’s different in Jimmy’s delivery is that you can hear the passion.

We got to chance to catch up with Jimmy and get an exclusive on his music, personal style & what’s up next! 


Nosey Nay : Tell me about “Memories”?

Jimmy Bolt : That song means a lot to me. Its one of my most passionate songs on the mixtape.

N.N. : Do you see yourself as a lover boy?

J.B. : I’m actually single right now. Its honestly more of, if I find the right “one”  then  obviously I’ll settle down.  As of now, I’m just chilling. I’m not really looking, but I’m open.

N.N. : What inspired your hair?

J.B. : The yellow was inspired by “The Bolt”. I actually dyed it like last year. Its gone in stages, it started off darker and just got lighter and lighter. The “Bolt” is more of “I have to let people know without telling them”.

N.N. : What is your skin regiment? How do you stay fresh and feeling your best.

J.B. : Trying to eat a lot of more green food. Staying away from the fries and fast food. I don’t eat fast food at all. I drink a lot of water and I don’t drink soda at all.

N.N. : What’s your Go-To fragrance?

J.B. : I rock my Dad’s old stuff. I forget what it’s called. Comes in this big bottle.

N.N. : How do you get ready for your shows?

J.B. : It’s like I’m hooping. Its like “My Game Day”. I eat right, get rest. I’m pumped up and focused.

N.N. : What’s something you look forward to before performing?

J.B. : Honestly, the crowd. Now I’m just like to the point if they’re quiet or chilling I’ll have them get up. At first I used to be like “damn.” if the crowd was dead. Now its always turnt  and people cant help but feel that I’m going hard.

N.N. : What should we expect from you as far as music?

J.B. : I have some shows that are lined up that I won’t talk about just yet just because I don’t want to spoil it. I have a EP dropping pretty soon as well.

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