Jaided325 is ready for RE-LAUNCH!!

Jaided325 is ready for RE-LAUNCH!!



Arizona native Jai Jones grew up with a mom that was quite the fashionable master class.

“Sporting all the stylish church lady clothes and the fabulous hats.” – Jai Jones. A curious Jai played in those clothes like most little girls do and it became something much more to her later on.

After High School, Jai moved to Houston where she successfully graduated from Prairie View A&M University and grad school at The University of Houston. Her studies landed her a career as a social worker.

Living in Houston was a culture shock, but she didn’t give up on her passion to be in the fashion industry. This led her to continuing her education at Houston Community College to study fashion merchandising. It was then she met Yolanda Alexander with some ambitious ideas of her own, the two of them started their own business. The Art of Fashion was born in 2006.

By 2010, Ms. Jones was focused on building her own brand. In 2014 Jaided325 was created as an online boutique.

Today Jai Jones celebrates with the re-launch after finding a space at the Art Square Studios. I had a chance to visit the boutique and fell in love with many vintage pieces. I’m sure I was there for hours, trying on clothes I had never seen while shopping other places. It’s also a plus that men can find unique accessories and stylish bow ties.

“I want a women to feel that a Vintage piece is just as valuable as any everyday piece.”

 There’s so much more to see and I hope to see today for the Re-Launch Event!



2325 Commerce St. #20 Houston, Tx. 77002