How Is He Packing? 7 Ways To Get a Sneak Peak Before Sex.

How Is He Packing? 7 Ways To Get a Sneak Peak Before Sex.

“Pursuit and seduction are the essence of sexuality. It’s part of the sizzle. ” -Camille Paglia

We’re very inquisitive creatures and it’s natural to wonder about what he has going on down there. Some may say height, shoe , and hand size plays an essential part in how hung a man is but that’s not always necessarily true. The average man’s penis is 3 inches long when flaccid and anywhere between 4.5 to 6.5 inches long when erect. Now its up to you on what you prefer, but here’s some sneaky tricks on how to cop a feel without him feeling violated or taken advantage of.


(1) Sweatpants

You may be able to get a quick glimpse of his one eyed monster when he wears those thin jogging pants.You know the ones I’m talking about,  with every step he takes you can see his man candy “swang” from side to side.


     (2) The Prolonged “Goodbye” Hug

After a night of fun before you both part ways make the hug last a bit longer. Lean into him as if you want it to last forever. Word to Keith Sweat.




(3)  A Date on The Beach

Pull out your sexiest swimwear and take a trip to the beach. I love swimming trunks, check out his love muscle when he’s walking back from a dip in the sea.


(4) Go Dancing

Y’all remember how Sarah got her man. It all stated with a Dance. No matter if your out at a sexy lounge or chilling at home, busting a move will definitely loosen both of you up. Don’t be afraid to push up on that torpedo when your jam comes on.

(5) There’s No Shame in Asking

Ask him to send you a picture of what he has on while you two are texting before bed. Guys do it to us all the time, why not enjoy a little preview of him showing off his goods.


(6) Reaching For The Remote

It’s a night of “Netflix & Chill”. Find a reason to reach over him and grab for something like your drink or the remote. You might catch him off guard but gently swipe your hand across his private area. Don’t go searching for change in your grandmothers couch on his crouch, be soft and quick.


(7) Footsie

This trick will never get old. Want to turn up the heat, run your foot up his leg and tickle the pickle. I have yet to see a man refuse “foot” play under the table.




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