Tis the season to be sleazy!

Tis the season to be sleazy!

(Photo cred: Jesse Greene)

October is upon us, and you know what that means? Its time for over priced pumpkin lattes, chicks eager to wear Ugg boots at the slightest breeze, and of course the day where culturally offensive  sleazy costumes are all to “normal”.

Halloween has transitioned from people wearing really scary and obscene costumes to funny and sleazy ones, but what makes sleazy costumes sleazy? Is it the person in it, or the clothing itself?
Today we use the word “sleazy” simultaneously to describe both a person and an outfit. Actually it has its roots in 1670′, in a German region called “Silesia.” Merchants from Silesia would travel selling their thin linen or cotton fabric. That was all fine and well, except the fabric was poorly made, making it identifiable by the “sleazy” look.

In my area there are dozens of Halloween pop-up shops selling costumes with very poorly made fabric. If you’ve ever bought one of these then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not quite cotton, not quite polyester, and definitely not linen. This is setting a new trend in thriller wear. People are opting out of the sleazy and going DIY (Do it yourself) with really elaborate themes, makeup, and costuming. These get up’s range from $50- $300. Nothing like my childhood costume which was a mask, regular street clothes, and a pillow case as a bag.😒

(Photo cred: Jesse Greene)Sleazy costumes

We at fashion exchange 3000 want to know… Do you prefer the one-stop-shop excuse to be sleazy, or do you go all out an extravagant costume?

What kind of costumes do you prefer?